Heya Tumblr people, are you thinking about watching Interstellar later in November? If so, you might wanna think about what theater to see it in. As another movie filmed with a 70mm Imax camera, this is one film you might want to consider sitting in front of a mega large screen. Most Imax theaters around showcase Imax films in a Digital format, slightly larger than regular screens, but it’s actually a scaled down version. If you want to see a true experience, you should go to one that shows actual 70mm footage. The difference in clarity and size is night and day!

If you don’t know which to go to, I made a map showcasing the places you can check out in the link above. (There was an old 2009 version somewhere around the web, but it’s kind of outdated now. I decided to make a new version.) While the definitive list of 70mm Interstellar showings hasn’t been announced yet, this map can give you a good idea of 70mm cinemas around you.

If you have friends who are big cinemagoers, do share this with them! Credit to LF Examier for their list of theaters. You can read more about Digital and 70mm Imax by clicking here.