*sighs* I don’t even know anymore…

A while ago, mew/ponyplots kindly tried to get me to draw again by doing a little “reply me” thingie…he drew pinkie pie, and I added the derpy in reply to it…that’s the first two images…(thank you)

Third is Ryan's Grace…I wish I could do her justice…

Fourth is Cyan's Rosie….guess I messed that up, too….

I was hoping I would be able to get off my ass and make something of them, sadly it still hasn’t happened.

All of these are several weeks old by now….

Thank you man… you don’t even know. I can’t stop grinning this was such a nice surprise! ” holy cow! “ 
You drew her so cute. god. I will love this forever <3 <3 <3
You made me jittery as fuck with glee. That kinda " My parents are on vacation for two weeks and my sextoy just shipped " kinda jittery. And the " I havnt fapped for 5 days and just found the greatest porn ever "-styled glee!
I should stop now before things get too weird. But oh goshdarn my heart can barely take it. Thank you <3

Cyan takes the world right outta my mouth. This is amazing, and you’re amazing. <3 Know that, man.